How Long Should It Take To Clean The Dirty Carpets

You must keep an eye on how the carpets are. If the carpets are dirty then you should take the help of a reliable carpet cleaning company. Now, if you are calculating how much time it should take then there has to be better knowledge about the same. If you have dirty carpets then here’s how the cleaning will take and likewise you can get an idea about the estimated time.

  1. How big is your carpet?

The size and weight of the carpet matter the most when it comes to calculating the time limit, you will have to think about the weight and the length of the carpet. The bigger the carpet, the more will be the time. So, take the relevant measures and find the right solutions.

  1. The choice of the process that you are considering

If you are considering the process as steam cleaning or hot water extraction then it will take some more time. Deep cleaning will also take enough time when you have to take up the cleaning and drying process. Then there are some methods like dry cleaning or bonnet cleaning which would not take much time. So, all you need to do is find out which would be the relevant way to do carpet cleaning and then see how much time it should take.

  1.  Who is going to do carpet cleaning?

If you think that you are going to do carpet cleaning then you will need some more time. You do not have the relevant expertise and skills and hence when you compare the time taken for cleaning the carpets with the professionals then you will need more time. Choosing professional services is one of the best options and that can give you the right mode of cleaning too.

  1. How bad is the carpet?

If the carpet is too dirty then it will take more time to clean the carpets. If the carpets are not that dirty then the cleaning and process time required will be less. So, make sure that you have access to the best solutions. These are some of the things that you need to decide when it comes to cleaning the carpets.

The above factors will influence the way carpets are supposed to be cleaned, the time is taken and the expected results. If all these things are thought of then a person will be able to decide what would be the best way out?


Cleaning the carpets can be a messy task. It takes too much of your time and course, this can create issues for sure. So, you should be open to trying the best solutions. Clean the carpets well by choosing the right process and see how this will bring in better options. Clean carpets make the home décor look awesome and this is something you need to be sure of. Plan things in such a way that you know how you can keep up with the right choices. So call us now for the best solutions or reach us online too for Same Day Booking Services.

7 Hacks To Remove Bad Odor From Your Carpets

However, once the carpet starts to smell, it quickly loses its attractiveness. Fortunately, bad odors can be easily removed. Even clean looking shoes can track dirt, bacteria, insects and other unpleasant things in your home. From spilled drinks and snacks to pet accidents, carpets can potentially cause a lot of odors.  Like dust and bacteria, these substances can stick carpets if not cleaned quickly and effectively. This can lead to a completely unpleasant odor. Hire a carpet cleaning company to get the stain free carpet and carpet look new.

Remove Bad Odor From Your Carpets
Remove Bad Odor From Your Carpets

7 hacks to remove bad odor from your carpets

1. Vacuum frequently and thoroughly 

The simple vacuum cleaner is your first line of defense against unpleasant carpet odors. A vacuum cleaner removes most dirt and other substances from carpets, leaving them humid. So if you run a vacuum quickly around the house, there is little chance of it sucking up the particles that are stuck on the carpet fibers.

2. Using baking soda

Using baking soda alone or with borax or essential oils is not another internet hack. Baking soda acts as an odor shelter which is somehow famous. However when sprayed on carpet, it absorbs and binds odor-causing substances found deep inside the carpet fibers. Vacuuming the baking soda will remove all odor particles, leaving your carpet smelling fresh.

3. Deep Cleaning Every 6-12 Months 

There is nothing better than deep Carpet Cleaning for removing carpet odors. Hire a professional cleaner to closely clean your carpet every 6 to 12 months. So this not only prevents odors, but also: Protects homes and families from viruses, bacteria and other contaminants. It enlarges the life of carpets.

4. Spot Clean Immediately

There is spillage and confusion. Cleaning them fast can prevent them from causing long-term problems like unpleasant odors. You may also want to keep club soda and hydrogen peroxide with you as they can help take out tough stains like alcohol and blood. So drying up helps you to remove stains and debris more easily.

5. Using Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme Remover is specially constructed to break down bacteria and other organic matter in your pet’s urine, feces and vomit. It can remove odors that other detergents don’t touch. Moreover the enzyme cleaners are readily available at grocery and pet stores and should be used according to packaging instructions.

6. Apply vinegar

Vinegar may seem like an odd choice as a carpet deodorant because of its strong smell. However, vinegar is a great choice as it is a natural antiseptic that can kill mold and bacteria. Hence, it is truly natural and safe for children and pets.

7. Using Vodka

Vodka is an excellent stain remover and odor remover. Use it instead of peroxide or club soda to remove carpet spills or pet accidents. To use, spray the stain with vodka or leave the stain alone. Then dry it. No need to use expensive vodka. Low cost stuff works.


However, once the carpet starts to smell, it quickly loses its attractiveness. Fortunately, bad odors can be easily removed. Additionally carpets provide a comfortable and inviting place for children and pets to eat, play, relax and nap. From spilled drinks and snacks to pet accidents, carpets can cause strong odors. Like dust and bacteria, these substances can get on your carpet if not cleaned quickly and effectively. This can lead to a completely unpleasant odor. They grab and soak up everything around them, from dust and moisture to allergens and bacteria. To learn more about how we can assist you with carpet cleaning, Contact us.